Proceedings of the 2008 Symposium

Proceedings of the 2008 Miami Winter Symposium – Volume 19


February 2-6, 2008



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Bacterial sRNAs: Roles and Mechanisms - E. Gerhart H. Wagner

Gene Control by Complex Riboswitches - Ronald R. Breaker

Modulation of micro RNA Processing and Target Selection by RNA Editing - Kazuko Nishikura

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S1       A Race Between Primer Rescue and Degradation of the RNA Template by HIV-1 Revers Transcriptase - A.  Acosta and W.A. Scott

S2       HFQ Serves as a Platform for the Assembly of Complex RNP Particles Containing Non-Coding RNAs - T. Lee and A.L. Feig

S3       Nuclear Retention of HuR Through Phosphorylation by CDK1 - H.H. Kim, K. Abdelmohsen, A. Lal, R. Pullmann, X. Yang, S. Galban, J. Blethrow and M. Gorospe

S4       Oxidant-Induced MKP-1 mRNA Stabilization and Translational Upregulation by RNA-Binding Proteins HUR and NF-90 - Y. Kuwano, H.H. Kim, K. Abdelmohsen and M. Gorospe

S5       Allosteric Mechanism of Conformational Switching in Guanine Riboswitch: A Single-Molecule Perspective - M. Mandal, S. Smith, I. Tinoco, Jr. and C. Bustamante

S6       Specificity of CIRV P19 for Various miRNA Structures - T. Moore and T. Hall

S7       Modulation of Gene Expression by Human Cytosolic tRNase Z Through Small Noncoding RNA - R.A. Elbarbary, H. Takaku, N. Uchiumi, H. Tamiya, M. Abe, H. Nishida and M. Nashimoto

S8       Effect of RNase G Mutation on the Expression of mRNAs Encoding Glycolytic Enzymes - T. Sakai and M. Wachi

S9       Characteristics of ERI1 in the Modulation of RNA Silencing in Plants - H.T. Schumacher, J.M. Helm and K. Kalantidis

S10      A Small RNA Regulates Multiple ABC Transporter mRNAs by Targeting C/A-Rich Elements Inside and Upstream of Ribosome Binding Sites - C.M. Sharma, F. Darfeuille, T.H. Plantinga and J. Vogel



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Small RNA Diversity and Function - Phillip D. Zamore

MicroRNA Targets - Nikolaus Rajewsky

Elucidating the Small RNA Component of the Transcriptome - Pamela J. Green

X-Chromosome Inactivation: Sex, Heterochromatin, Pairing, and Noncoding RNA - Jeannie T. Lee

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S11      Analysis of a New Class of RNA in Dictyostelium discoideum  -  L. Avesson, P. Romby and F. Soderbom

S12      Cancelled

S13      Endogenous XIST Complementary Small RNA in Human Cells  -  S.K. Kota and U. Bhadra

S14      RNA in Sperm: Towards an Identification of RNAs Transmitted from Sperm to Zygote on Fertilization  -  M. Kawano, A. Hasegawa, H. Sano, H. Kawaji, J. Severin, T. Lassmann and Y. Hayashizaki

S15      Novel Human Non-coding RNAs Bind to Nuclear Factor 90  -  A.M. Parrott and M.B. Mathews

S16      Antisense RNA Regulation of ATP8B1  -  A. Thompson, S. Strautnieks, R.J. Thompson

S17      Complementary Activation of Coding and Non-Coding Networks Regulate Gains in Aerobic Capacity  -  P. Keller, N. Vollaard, L.G. Koch, C. Scheele, E. Jansson, O.A. MacDougald, S.L. Britton, C.J. Sundberg, C. Wahlestedt and J.A. Timmons

S18      Riboregulation and Translation: Interplay Between Two Roles of the Escherichia coli Small RNA SgrS  -  C.S. Wadler and C.K. Vanderpool

S19      Large-Scale Functional Analysis of Mammalian Long Noncoding Antisense Transcripts  -  M.A. Faghihi, J. Kocerha, F. Modarresi, P.G. Engstrom, B. Lenhard, P. Carninci, Y. Hayashizaki and C. Wahlestedt

S20      Search for Tissue-Associated Molecular Markers in Non-Characterized Transcribed Regions of the Human Genome  -  B. Mello, C.H. Torres, E.F. Abrantes, AlF. Carvalho, D. Carraro, R.R. Brentani, L.F.L. Reis and H. Brentani

S21      First Evidence of sRNAs in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis  -  K.B. Arnvig and D.B. Young

S22      Possible Involvement of microRNAs in Post –Transcriptional Silencing of DAB2 in Breast Cancer  -  B.S.A. Raju and Ranju Ralhan

S23     Identification and Functional Analysis of Non-Coding RNAs from E. coli O157:H7A. Soma, M. Suh, J. Iyoda, A. Muto, N. Kurihara, T. Hayashi, H. Abe,M. Ohnishi, T. Tobe, K. Kurokawa and Y. Sekine

S24     Enzymes Involved in the Degradation of Nano-RNA and Their Specificity  - U. Mechold, S. Ngo and A. Danchin



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Positive Regulation by sRNAs in Bacteria - Gisela Storz

Role of Dicer in miRNA/RNAi Pathways and Regulation of miRNA Repression  -  Witold Filipowicz

Biochemical Elucidation of RNAi Effector Complexes  -  Ramin Shiekhattar

Posters – The letter and the number on the left of the title indicates the day and board number of the poster.

M1       Meta-Analysis of miRNA Expression Profiles Reveals Promoter Features  -  R. Bargaje, M. Hariharan, V. Scaria, A. Prasad and B. Pillai

M2       Argonaute Proteins in microRNA Biogenesis  -  S. Diederichs and D.A. Haber

M3       New Tools for RNA Structure and Dynamics  -  S. Flores, C. Bruns, X. Huang, J. Bernauer, A. Dhanik, P. Yao, M. Levitt, J. Latombe and R. Altman

M4       Novel Function of RNAse P Protein: C5 Protein is Essential for Maintaining Stability of M1 RNA in Escherichia coli  -  Y. Kim, J. Lee and Y. Lee

M5       Factors Involved in Differential and Context-Dependent Processing of a Ubiquitously Expressed Precursor microRNA  -  P.J.F. Leuschner, C.J. Busch, G. Obernosterer and J. Martinez

M6       Both siRNA and piRNA Pathways are Involved in Silencing of Short Drosophila Retroelement Suffix in Ovaries  -  N.A. Tchurikov and O.V. Kretova



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The Myriad Roles of microRNAs in Heart Disease  -  Eric N. Olson

Comprehensive Identification of c. elegans miRNA Pathway Genes  -  Gary Ruvkun

Posters - The letter and the number on the left of the title indicates the day and board number of the poster.

M7       SPATA2 is Downregulated During Pancreatic Development and is a Target of mir-7, a Pancreatic microRNA Predominantly Expressed in Islets  -  V. Bravo-Egana, S. Rosero, S. Alvarez, R.D. Molano, A. Pileggi, C. Fraker, C. Ricordi, J. Dominguez-Bendala and R.L. Pastori

M8       FMR4 is a Novel Primate-Specific Long Noncoding RNA with Antiapoptotic Function Becomes Silenced in Fragile X Syndrome  -  A.M. Khalil, M.A. Faghihi, F. Modarresi, S.P. Brothers and C. Wahlestedt

M9       MicroRNA 292-5P Regulation of Mouse Life-Span as a Potential Quantitative Trait Gene  -  A. Li, J. Yates and G. Van Zant

M10       Characterization of MicroRNAs in the Heart  -  H. Lu, P. Punjabi, P. Camici, T. Aitman and S. Cook

M11       MicroRNA Detection and Target Prediction in Trypanosoma brucei  -  B. Mallick, Z. Ghosh, J. Chakrabarti

M12       G Quartet Dependent Interactions Between the Microtubule Associated Protein 1B RNA and the Fragile X Protein Family  -  L. Menon and M.R. Mihailescu

M13       Discovery and Function of MicroRNAs Encoded by Human Polyoma Viruses  -  G.J. Seo, L. Fink, B. O’Hara, W.J. Atwood and C.S. Sullivan

M14       MiR-17-92 Cluster is Involved in the Angiogenic Switch in Cardiac Hypertrophy  -  L.A. Shehadeh, S. Sharma, J.Q. Wei, H. Yuan, S. Sitahal, K.A. Webster and N.H. Bishopric

M15       Micro RNA-Mediated Translational Repression and RNA Processing Body Formation are Compromised in Allergic Airway Inflammation  -  Z. Zhong, Y. Zhai, L. Song, Z. Xia, M.R. Blackburn, C.Y.A. Chen and A.B. Shyu

M16       Altered miRNA Repertoire in the Simplified Chordate, Oikopleura dioica  -  X. Fu and E.M. Thompson

M17       MiR-433 Polymorphic Targeting at FGF20 Confers Risk for Parkinson’s Disease  -  G. Wang, J.M. van der Walt, G. Mayhew, Y. Li, S. Zuchner, W.K. Scott, E.R. Martin and J.M. Vance

M18       microRNAs Regulate the G1/S Transition of Embryonic Stem Cells  -  Y. Wang, S. Baskerville, J.E. Babiarz, A. Shenoy, L. Baehner and R. Blelloch

M19       Expression of the Argonaute Protein PiwiL2 in Mitotic Mesenchymal Stem Cells  -  Q. Wu, A. Wilson, N.H. Bishopric and K.A. Webster

M20       Gene Regulation by microRNAs During Chondrogenesis of Mesenchymal Cells  -  S. Yu and J. Chun

M21       Info-RNA-A Server for the Design of Structural Non-Coding RNA  -  A. Busch and R. Backofen

M22       Utilization of microRNA to Prevent Immune Reactions to Intramuscular Gene Delivery  -  M.C. Subang, Y. Chernajovsky and D. Gould

M23     Tristetraprolin Regulates AU-Rich Element-Mediated Decay of Interferon-Gamma Transcripts  -  J.R. SternJohn, R.L. Ogilvie, I.A. Vlasova, D. Williams, C. Reilly and P.R. Bohjanen

M24      Human Argonaute-2 is Sufficient to Catalyze the let-7 Directed Cleavage of Partially Complementary mRNA - K.M. Felice, J. Shubert-Coleman, K.P. Jensen, D.W. Salzman and H.M. Furneaux

M25      The Ajuba Lim Domain Protein is a Corepressor for Snag Domain - Mediated Repression and Participates in Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling - K. Ayyanathan, H. Peng, Z. Hou, W.J. Fredericks, R.K. Goyal, E.M. Langer, G.D. Longmore and F.J. Rauscher III



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MicroRNAs in Cell Differentiation and Cancer  -  Frank L. Slack

Processing and Biology of microRNAs  -  Scott M. Hammond

Posters - The letter and the number on the left of the title indicates the day and board number of the poster.

T1       Role of P53 in Antioxidant Defense of HPV-Positive Cervical Carcinoma Cells Following H2O2 Exposure - H.J. An, B. Ding, S. Kang, S.G. Chi and N.H. Cho

T2       miRNA Signaling Pathways in Cancer Development  -  M.K. Chowdhury

T3       An Epstein-Barr Virus-Encoded microRNA Targets Puma to Promote Tumor Cell Survival  -  E.Y.W. Choy, K.L. Siu, D.L. Kwong, S.W. Tsao and D.Y. Jin

T4       Hormonal Regulation of miR-122 in Breast Cancer Cells   -  I.K. Guttilla and B.A. White

T5       HIV-1 TAT RNA Interference Suppressor Promotes Structural Gene Expression and Functions Homologously to Plant P19  -  S. Qian and K. Boris-Lawrie

T6       Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Encodes an Ortholog of MIR-155  -  R.L. Skalsky, M.A. Samols, K.B. Plaisance, I.W. Boss, A. Riva, M.C. Lopez, H.V. Baker and R. Renne

T7       MUC1 siRNA Silencing Impact in Gastric Cancer Cells Phenotype  -  N. Costa, P. Paulo, R. Barbosa, H. Tsutsumida, T. Caffrey,  M.A. Hollingsworth and F. Santos-Silva

T8       Anti-Proliferative Effects of miR-187 in Neuroblastoma  -  Y. Chen and R.L. Stallings



Speakers – Click on the titles to see the Short Report

Cancer Target Identification and Validation with RNAi  -  Stephen W. Fesik

RNA Silencing Networks in Plants  -  David C. Baulcombe

Exploiting Endogenous microRNA Regulation for Controlling Transgene Expression and Improving Gene and Cell Therapy  -  Luigi Naldini

Small Interfering RNA as a Therapeutic Modality  -  Laura Sepp-Lorenzino

The Silent Treatment: Delivering RNA Interference  -  Judy Lieberman

MicroRNA-29 Family Reverts Aberrant Methylation in Lung Cancer by Targeting DNA Methyltransferases 3A and 3B  -  Carlo M. Croce

Posters - The letter and the number on the left of the title indicates the day and board number of the poster.

T9       Comparison Between RNAu and RNAi  -  X. Abad, N. Razquin, O. Aparicio and P. Fortes

T10      Proliferation Arrest and Alteration of Downstream Molecules by siRNA of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase p110-β in Ovarian Carcinoma Cells  -  N.H. Cho, H.S. Yang, J.Y. Jeong, H.J. An

T11      Tristetraprolin Contributes to Decreased E47 mRNA Stability in Old Splenic Murine B Cells  -  D. Frasca, A.M. Landin, J.P. Alvarez, R.L. Riley and B.B. Blomberg

T12      Role of microRNA Regulators in Trypanosomiasis  -  Z. Ghosh, B. Mallick and J. Chakrabarti

T13      Protective Effect of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I on the Liver Double-Stranded RNA Degradation During FAS-Induced Apoptosis  -  G. Kocic, T. Jevtovic, R. Kocic, D. Pavlovic and D. Sokolovic

T14      Rapid Structural Characterization of RNA Using a Capillary Sequencer  -  S. Mitra, I.V. Shcherbakova, R.B. Altman, M. Brenowitz and A. Laederach

T15      Inhibition of Interleukin-8 by RNA-Interference Causes Reduced Survival and Increased Drug-Sensitivity in Prostate Cancer Cells  -  R.K. Singh and B.L. Lokeshwar

T16      SiRNA Delivery to Cancer Cells Through a c-Kit Specific Aptamer  -  J.G. Slagter-Jager, L. Warner and B.A. Sullenger

T17      The Myriad Roles of microRNAs in Heart Disease  -  E. van Rooij, A.H. Williams, L.B. Sutherland and E.N. Olson

T18      microRNA Expression Deregulation in Human Cervical Cancer  -  P.M. Pereira, A.R. Soares, J.P. Marques and M.A.S. Santos

T19      Effects of LYR71, a Benzoxanthiol Compound on Activation of Matrix Metalloprotease-9 in MDA-MB-231 Cancer Cell Line and On Its Growthin vivo   - J.E. Kim, M.H. Chung and S.K. Ye

T20      Silencing of Rho GTPase Genes Affect Neutrite Outgrowth  -  St. Amand, M. Kelly, A. Vermeulen, J. Karpilow and D. Leake

T21      Functional Analysis of Genes Involved in RNA-Directed DNA Elimination in Tetrahymena termophila  -  L. Aronica and K. Mochizuki

T22      Detection of Active microRNA Species Using Fluorescent DNA Probe - K. Paiboonskuwong and Yoshio Kato

T23      Sensitive and Specific Detection of miRNAs and Other Non-Coding RNAs  -  M. Kreutz, J. Qin, H. Engel, P. Shih, P. Hahn, M. Schlumpberger, S. Yerramilli and E. Lader

T24       Diagnositc Significance of microRNA Tumor Biomarkers in Fine Needle Aspirates of Pancreatic Cancer   -   M. Doleshal, A.E. Szafranska, H.S. Edmunds, G.J. Tsongalis, M. Korc and E. Labourier