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Second Look Day Dazzles Class of 2018 Prospects 04.15.2014

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” goes the old saying, but that isn’t always true. For Alexandra Young, who joined 137 other physicians-to-be in the Lois Pope LIFE Center’s Apex Auditorium on April 11 for the Miller School’s fourth annual Second Look Day, getting an up-close look at the campus was a first-time thrill.

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Researchers Begin to Unlock Mystery of Non-Healing Leg Wounds 04.15.2014

A team of Miller School researchers has taken the first step toward discovering an answer to one of the human body’s elusive mysteries — why wounds, especially those that occur in the lower legs, heal in some people and not in others.

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Research Published in PNAS Helps Explain Causes of Rare Genetic Disorder 04.15.2014

An international collaboration co-led by Ramiro E. Verdun, Ph.D., assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, illuminates the underlying origins of a rare genetic disorder that causes an immunodeficiency syndrome known as hyper-IgM syndrome type 2 (HIGM2).

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Study Reveals Complex Role of Largely Unknown Mpzl3 Gene 04.15.2014

A multidisciplinary study led by Tongyu Cao Wikramanayake, Ph.D., research assistant professor of dermatology and cutaneous surgery, has pinpointed multiple roles of the little-known protein-coding gene Mpzl3 (myelin protein zero-like 3).

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Two New Miller School Studies Show How Stem Cell Injections Improve Heart Structure 04.15.2014

Two Miller School of Medicine studies led by a team from the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute use highly advanced cardiac imaging techniques to establish for the first time how stem cell injections are able to improve the structure of the heart -- an important finding for the evolving field of regenerative medicine. The "Poseidon" and "Prometheus" studies were published in a recent issue of Circulation Research.

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Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Returns for 2014 04.15.2014

The University of Miami is proud to announce the return of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day at the Miller School on Thursday, May 15. This year’s theme, “Plant a Seed, Grow a Future,” will focus on innovative strategies that empower girls and boys to overcome societal barriers in order to reach their full potential.

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14th Street Road Construction Will Close Lanes, Change CRB Garage Traffic Flow 04.15.2014

Beginning this Thursday, April 17, three lanes will be closed for road construction work in the 1100 block of NW 14th Street directly in front of the Professional Arts Center (PAC) and the Clinical Research Building (CRB) as part of the larger 14th Street reconstruction project.

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Distinguished NIH Officer to Present First Human Genetics Grand Rounds 04.15.2014

The Miller School is proud to welcome Vence L. Bonham, J.D., Senior Advisor to the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) Director on Genomics and Health Disparities and Chief of the Education and Community Involvement Branch, for its inaugural Human Genetics Grand Rounds on Thursday, April 17, at noon at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Jose Berrocal Auditorium.

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Clinical and Translational Investigation Master’s Program Prepares Future Leaders in Research 04.15.2014

The Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute has developed a Master’s of Science in Clinical and Translational Investigation designed to provide formal graduate training to new and early stage investigators who will be prepared to deal with the challenges facing translational research.

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Student-Published Magazine Highlights Research Projects 04.15.2014

Miller School students have published the second issue of an annual magazine highlighting their research. The Medical I.B.I.S. (Investigation of Basic and Integrative Science) contains 17 articles about laboratory or clinical projects.

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